RUAIRÍ O'BRIEN. LIGHTING DESIGN. offers innovative high quality individual solutions in light from the first idea through to site supervision: City architecture, urban space, public and private parks, museums, exhibitions, lighting fixtures, installations and sculptures.

RUAIRÍ O'BRIEN. LIGHTING DESIGN. deals with both daylight and artificial light and offers especially concepts for light and color. The work undertaken covers all aspects from the conception and design of lighting proposals through to their technical realization.

RUAIRÍ O'BRIEN. LIGHTING DESIGN. also offers professional consulting service for investors, architects, landscape architects, engineers and also for providers and manufacturers of lighting.

The expertise offered in our design studio can play a major role in the further development of intelligent energy saving buildings, save costs for the client and the design team and ensure a beautiful sustainable built environment for future generations to come. Light is an integral component of urban planning, architecture and interior design and demands both technical expertise and aesthetic awareness on the part of the designer. Light should allow us to experience our environment, establish an appropriate atmosphere in a room or outdoor space and create comfortable and healthy living and working conditions. The architectural lighting designer Ruairí O'Brien and his interdisciplinary team offers you a comprehensive holistic approach to the implementation of your projects which will ensure that they will be as near to perfect as is humanly possible.